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A revolutionary book

A fascinating unconventional piece of research which proves the Global Warming dogma wrong

explains the real functioning of the Great climate machine of the Earth

announces the real danger of an immiment new glacial Era

warns human beings to respect the environment and the superior force of Nature



 Are we really going towards the global warming without return? Is the industrial pollution changing the climate on the Earth so much that it can determine the thawing of the eternal glaciers, the increase of the oceans and an irreversible catastrophe? Does the destiny of the world really depend on the Global Warming?


Roberto Madrigali, a  meteoclimatologist supported by a team of authoritative scientists and by a considerable amount of scientific research, says no. And after years of semiclandestine research supported by facts but ignored by many in the international scientific community, he sets down in black and white the results and prospects of his work which those who consider the Cartesian doubt the engine of the human knowledge should read with attention.

A book which can refound a science, the climatology, and through it write a new surprising yet non-reassuring page for the entire humanity. Because it deprives men of the power of intervening in any way about the planet climatic variations, thus returning this power to Nature. By doing this it deprives the theory of the Global Warming of the scientific effectiveness: the poisonous gases emitted in the air kill, polluting is a murder to the future of any human being, but all this has nothing to do with the climate changes on the Earth. A planet to which Nature today gives a new and imminent glacial era.

"The future of the Earth is written on the Moon" is the synthesis of a journey done a long time ago. Already at the end of the last century when two extremely hot decades marked by the thawing of glaciers and the increase in arid areas all over the Planet reached its apex. Environmentalists and scientists made a reasonable and plausible assumption that the phenomenon was linked to the anthropic pollution, also at its historic apex in those years. The assumption became a dogma soon, and still today this is the only and undebatable thought. Also in spite of the many recent or very old formidable facts which contradict it very clearly.

Madrigali mentions some of them, sensational yet curiously "ignored"  by the international media. By reading this book we can find out for example that for years the Antarctic pack has been spreading again and the Arctic pack has stopped retreating. Ditto with the glaciers of the Himalaya or that of the Mediterranean of Gran Sasso, in perfect shape as said by the team Meteo Mundi. In the last five years we have witnessed the increase in historic records of cold weather in the most unthinkable areas of the Planet, thus plaguing advanced countries such as the United States, Russia and Central Europe. Whereas the WMO itself doubts the credibility of global average temperatures registered by unreliable stations.


But not only this. From the near and remote past some even more intriguing doubts come out. How can the anthropic warming explain what happened seven thousand years ago, when a very hot cycle melted the glaciers, thus raising the seas by more than 4 metres and transforming the biggest garden into the desert of Sahara? And who remembers that in the Sixties and Seventies of the past century the climatologists blamed the industrial pollution on the alleged global cooling underway in that period?

The Madrigali Theory gives an answer and replies to these contradictions. Pushed by an extraordinary intuition, Roberto Madrigali is not aligned to the prevailing theoretical current but he follows its alternative on his own immediately. The Jet Stream that from time immemorial circulates in the troposphere by moving the masses of hot and cold air from one part of the terrestrial globe to the other. According to Madrigali this flow with its variations of direction and intensity always determines the meteoclimatic changes in every angle of the Planet. After having checked the efficacy of this theoretical model in the practical interpretation of the present and in the short-medium term weather forecast, Madrigali has applied it to the climate changes, also violent ones, which cyclically happened in the history of the Earth. He found out that also these have always obeyed the "whims" of the Jet Stream and its changing configurations.

But if the behaviours of the jet stream determine the earth climate trend over the time and in  the space, what determines the behaviours of the jet stream? The answer to this question is what can open to men the power not to impact the climate and therefore to dominate Nature, but to know its generative mechanisms. And therefore to foresee the moves in advance.

The keystone of this decisive mystery is the latest exceptional landing place of Madrigali's research and his team. The "metronome", what regulates the behaviour of the Jet Stream, is the Moon, whose gravitational force - in a complex game of of vectorial forces in balance between the Earth and the Sun - "stretches" or "ripples" the flow of air according to short or millennial cyclic dynamics. By superimposing the lunar "movements", foreseeable from now to thousands of years, with those of the jet stream dependent on them, it will possible to foresee the global climate fluctuations from here to a remote future. And maybe to know in advance when the next glacial era will come which, according to the climate calendars of the last million years, always as accurate as Swiss watches, is set to be very close, with all its terrible consequences for the life on the Earth. A devastating appointment to which human beings can survive only by starting to prepare the defence in great advance.

For this reason "the future of the Earth is written on the Moon". Roberto Madrigali, with the precious contributor of explorer Davide Peluzzi, the Explora team and with the support of prominent luminaries, in these pages leads the reader to a fascinating journey, through a simple language, rich in ideas, surprising facts and curiosities. Finally asking, with the humility of the real man of science, that his theory is submitted to the attention deprived of the prejudices of the international scientific community.

A book to be read in one fell swoop, at least for the pleasure to observe the destiny of the World from a point of view different from that of the prevailing thought (today).


“Il futuro della Terra è scritto nella Luna” (The future of the Earth is written on the Moon")

Author: Roberto Madrigali

Publisher: Aracneeditrice

Price: book 12 Euro - digital 7,20 Euro


How to buy it: directly from the publishing house, sale network or in the best bookshops


Official première of the book presentation

 Rome,  Spazio Europa,  Thursday 28 November 2013  v. 4 Novembre 149

Second official presentation in Grosseto Saturday 14 December


The other official presentations in Milan-Turin. Trention, etc. expected for the new year will be communicated as soon as they are planned.

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